Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heat Wave!

Pic taken on my way to work this morning.
The forcast shows a high of 37 degrees F today, which means I may be able to get outside for a run. It has been many weeks since I have been outside for any activity, and I've definitely seen way more of the inside of the YMCA then I care to.... I'm glad to have a decent facility nearby, but the treadmill and the indoor track leave something to be desired. To say a bit of "cabin fever" has set in would be a huge understatement.

My running distances have gotten shorter lately and I need to be upping my long runs here soon in preparation for the Lincoln Half Marathon that is coming up May 2nd, I really want to set a good PR which would be something under 2 hours for me.

The side streets in town here are still pretty ugly with snow and slop, so I may have to get outside of town to get in a decent outdoor run, maybe I'll check out the roads around the state lakes for a nice change of scenery....We'll see...

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